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2020 Local Rules - 6/7 Year-old Coach Pitch Baseball

Tuckahoe League ID # 3460508

  Minimum Play Time
  1. No player will sit out consecutive innings
  2. Player MUST start the next game after sitting the start of the previous game
  3. No player is permitted to play every inning of every game
  4. Players must be rotated from infield to outfield


  1. A designated Roster Coach is used for pitching
  2. Coach is to be seated on a bucket, behind an L-Screen
  3. All pitching is done from the direction of the mound, approx. 20 feet away
  4. Five (5) pitches per batter
  5. Balls and strikes are not called
  6. If ball is not put into play after 5 pitches, ball is placed on tee
  7. A tee must be used- no soft toss is permitted

When your team is on offense

  1. The inning ends when half the lineup has batted
  2. Base stealing is not allowed
  3. Runners may not advance on an overthrow
  4. If a batted ball hits pitching L-Screen or ball bucket, the ball is dead, the hitter and all runners advance one baseEvery batter and base runner must wear a helmet with face mask

When your team is on defense

  1. Ten (10) defensive players in the field, including 4 outfielders
  2. Maximum of two (2) coaches on the field during play
  3. If a batted ball hits pitching L-Screen or ball bucket, the ball is dead, the hitter and all runners advance one base
  4. Catcher wears a batting helmet with a face mask and stands with his/her back to the fence near the dugout entrances looking eye to eye
  5. with each batter. Catcher never stands behind a batter, and can move to the plate when the ball is in play.
  6. Pitcher stands to the side of the pitching coach where he/she can see the batter, near the pitching area

Game Time

  1. Games are six (6) innings or 1 hour and 40 minutes, whichever comes first
  2. Dead stop at 1 hour and 40 minutes
  3. No score or records are kept at this level of play

Substitute Manager/Roster Coaches

Only the Manager and two (2) Roster Coaches are allowed on the field or in the dugout during games. In the event a team is missing a Manager or Roster Coach(es) for a game, a Manager or Roster Coach from another Tuckahoe team may be used as a substitute coach(es). Members of the TLL Board may also serve as substitute coaches. Coaches cannot be borrowed from the opposing team. Substitute coaches must be reported to the VP of Baseball in advance of the game.

Illegal Bats

Beginning with the 2018 season, non-wood and laminated bats used in the Little League (Majors) and below, Intermediate (50-70) Division, Junior League divisions, and Challenger division shall bear the USA Baseball logo signifying that the bat meets the USABat – USA Baseball’s Youth Bat Performance Standard. If a player uses an illegal bat (as defined by the LL rulebook, ie: illegal composite bats etc.) during a game or has an illegal composite bat in the dugout (including in that player’s bat bag) during the game, the player and manager are ejected from the game. 

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