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Please check the Age Chart to determine which division your child may register to play.


Pre-season typically starts in late March. Regular season typically starts in early April and runs through the middle of June.


Each team plays 15 to 18 games per season, depending on the number of teams. We usually play one game during the week and one game on Saturday. There will be at least one Saturday where your team will play a double header. Games played during the week start at 7:00 PM or at 7:30 PM. Games played on Saturday will be scheduled at times ranging from 11:00 AM to 7:30 PM.
There are no games on Sunday unless there is a makeup game that can’t be absorbed during the week.
Game length is typically 2 hours and can go no longer than two and a half hours, and consists of 7 innings.
All games are played at the complex unless an inter-league game is schedule at the opponent’s field.


Practice generally occurs two times a week prior to the season, one on a week night and one on a Saturday. During the season practice schedules vary from team to team based on the requirements of the manager.


TLL provides a jersey, pants and cap. Parents must provide socks and rubber or metal baseball cleats.


Parents must provide ball glove and bat. (See our bat size chart for guidance on choosing a bat)


Teams usually consist of 12–13 players, a volunteer manager, two volunteer coaches, a volunteer team parent and a volunteer scorekeeper.
Teams are selected via a draft in early March.
Teams are created new each year.


Teach the basic fundamentals of baseball.


TLL is an all-volunteer organization. We need everyone’s help! Parents are expected to serve one shift of concession stand duty during the season and to support the league’s annual fund raiser and TLL Family Fun Day (Carnival-Picture Day).


Q: Do you keep score and are there umpires?
A: Yes. Every manager maintains a scorebook. League standings are kept to determine a regular season winner and to determine playoff games. There is a homeplate and field umpire.

Q: What size field do they play on and where is the field?
A: All games are played on a regulation Senior League field with a grass infield and grass outfield. Fields #8 and #9. Bases are 90’ apart and the pitchers mound is 60’–6” from home plate.

Q: Can I have my child play on a team with their friends?
A: Not unless they are drafted on to that team. In this age group, players are assigned to a team through a draft process.

Q: Can I manage or coach a team?
A: Yes, if positions are available. Prospective managers must complete an online application by December 31st. If you would to serve a coach please note that on your child’s spring registration form. All managers and coaches must be approved by the Tuckahoe Little League Board of Directors.

Q: Will my child get to play all the time?
A: Probably not all of the game, but we do have rules in place to ensure fair playing time for everyone.

Q: What are the volunteer requirements?
A: TLL is an all-volunteer organization so there are many ways to volunteer. Help is always needed with registration, team parenting, assisting with picture and carnival day activities, helping with post-season tournaments, and working in the concession stand to name just a few of the many ways to help support TLL.

Q: My son might make his middle/high school team. If he does can he still play at TLL? What if he makes the middle school team and I don’t want him to play on two teams. Can I get a refund from TLL?
A: Yes, he can still play at TLL. We give refunds up until the first game is played. Once the season starts, we don’t give refunds.

Q: My son is a pitcher/catcher on his middle/high school team. I don’t want him pitching at school and then pitching at TLL and possibly injuring his arm. How can I be assured that he won’t be overused and worn out?
A: Talk with the managers of BOTH teams and make sure they are aware of this situation. Express your concern and make sure, regardless of the situation in any game, that neither team overuses your son as either a pitcher or catcher.

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