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Please bring a glove and batting helmet.  Do not bring a bat or bat bag.  A USA Baseball bat will be provided.  If your child does not have a glove or helmet one will be provided for the assessment.  Players must wear tennis shoes.  No cleats are allowed inside TSI.


Report to the registration table inside TSI before your child’s scheduled assessment time.  Your child will be provided a number that will need to be safety pinned to the front of his or her shirt.  


  • Players will line up along the TSI indoor field first base line fence.
  • Player will first receive five front toss pitches to hit.  Players should swing at every pitch.  Only five pitches will be provided.  Players must wear a helmet while hitting.
  • After fifth pitch, the player drops the bat and runs from home to second base. Player will receive three ground balls to field and throw to first base from the shortstop position
  • Player then moves to center field, fields two fly balls and places them in a bucket.  No throw.
  • Player then exits through the center field fence and proceeds to a designated batting cage where the player's throwing speed will be measured with a radar gun.  
  • Player’s assessment is complete.

Any major baseball or softball eligible player player who missed his or her first assessment, or attended his or her first assessment but would like to do the assessment again for any reason, may attend a second assessment.  See the schedule for available dates.

Majors Team Notification

Every Majors manager will view the assessment.  Managers (for baseball) will draft Majors teams on Thursday, February 17th.  Softball will draft on February 20th.  Managers will notify all Majors players of their teams after the draft.  Major League practices may begin the week of February 21st.  All 12 year old baseball players, and all 11 and 12 year old softball players, will be drafted to a Majors team.  

Any 12 year old baseball player, and any 11 or 12 year old softball player, who does not attend at least one assessment will be randomly placed on a Majors team.

AAA (Minors) Team Notification

Any 11 year old player who does not get drafted to a Majors team and all 10 year olds will be drafted to a AAA team.  Information from the Majors assessments will be used by the AAA managers to draft their teams on Feb 24th (baseball) and Feb 27th (softball).  Managers will try to notify all AAA players of their teams By Feb 27th. Minor League practices may the week of Feb 28th.

Any 10 or 11 year old baseball player, or 10 year old softball player, who does not attend at least one assessment will be randomly placed on a Minors team.  

A (8 year olds)/AA (9 year olds) Team Notification

Every A/AA manager will view the assessment.  Managers will draft teams on March 6th.  Managers will notify all A/AA players of their teams later that night as practices may begin the week of March 7th.

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