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TLL Heat Information

Our managers and coaches have been encouraged to take numerous steps to alleviate the heat, and we have seen many teams and parents take measures to keep our players comfortable and safe.  As a reminder, here are some tips that we would encourage teams/families to follow to help with the high temperatures:

  • Players are encouraged to be properly hydrated before participating in a TLL event.  This begins by hydrating both the day before and the day of any TLL event.
  • Players are encouraged to bring plenty of water, including some type of beverage containing electrolytes, and to continually hydrate throughout the event.
  • Players are encouraged to bring extra ice water and possibly cooling towels, which can be kept in a cooler with the player’s parents.
  • Teams are encouraged to bring canopies to provide shade for the players as they practice expected social distancing outside of the dugout.
  • Coaches and parents are asked to monitor the players for any signs of heat-related issues that may arise during the event.  Any player who is suspected of having a heat-related illness should be removed from participation at that time.

We recognize that some players are more accustomed to playing in the heat than others and that some families may feel more comfortable with the heat than others depending on the age and experience of their player(s).  The above are merely recommendations, and it is the responsibility of parents to make the ultimate decision as to the participation of their child in a TLL event when heat may be a factor, taking into consideration the age and physical condition of their child.  Please know that nobody at TLL will object to the decision of a parent to withhold their child from play if they feel the circumstances warrant it.  You are always welcome to arrive late, leave early, or not participate at any TLL event as you see fit.


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