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COVID-19 Return to Play Policies

Tuckahoe Little League

COVID-19 Return to Play Policies

*** We recommend every family supply their own disinfectant wipes/cleaner for their player’s hands and equipment.  Players will be encouraged to clean hands between innings, and equipment as needed.

  1. Players

    • Social distancing is expected, including but not limited to the following:
      • Players are to stay at least ten feet apart, to the extent possible.  Contact (tags, etc.) that occurs during the normal course of softball and baseball is allowed.
      • Players are not required to wear face coverings, but can if they wish.
      • Dugout and bleachers are to be used as the dugout with players spaced at least ten feet apart.  At least one adult (manager, coach, team parent, scorekeeper, or other adult) must monitor players in the bleacher area. In the t-ball, coach pitch, 8 year old baseball, and 9 year old baseball divisions, one parent may sit with his or her child in the bleacher area to help ensure social distancing.
      • No high fives
      • No huddles
      • No sharing of water bottles
      • No food in the dugouts
      • No seeds or gum allowed at the park
      • No shared towels
      • At the conclusion of games, players will line up on their respective base lines and tip caps, wave, etc. to demonstrate sportsmanship.
    • Hand sanitizing between half innings is encouraged.
    • No sharing of helmets.  Players may borrow a helmet from the league for the season if needed.
    • No sharing of catcher’s masks. Teams that rely on league-provided catchers equipment will be issued two catcher’s helmets.  Such teams may only have two players play the catcher position per game.
    • Players with COVID-19 symptoms or who have been exposed to a person diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days are strongly encouraged to stay home.
    • Players with COVID-19 symptoms at a game or practice will be addressed as follows:
      • Manager will discuss the situation with the child’s parent.
      • If not resolved, the manager will call the Board member on site;
      • If not resolved, the Board member will call the league vice president, league president, or player agent.
      • The child may be required to go home by a Board member. 
    • Team on defense shall provide its own game balls.
  2. Coaches, Umpires, and Scorekeepers

    • Although face coverings are not required, any adult on the field and/or near players is encouraged to wear face covering per CDC guidelines in existence at the time of the game. 
    • No behind the plate umpire.  Balls and strikes will be called from behind the mound.
    • No high fives or touching players.
    • Monitor players for COVID-19 symptoms.
    • Coaches are responsible for player social distancing and enforcement of player procedures listed above.
    • The score box is limited to:
      • one adult on fields 4 and 5 
      • three adults on fields 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10
      • No children are allowed in the score box
    • Scoreboard controller and microphone must be sanitized at the conclusion of each game.
  3. Spectators.

    • No bleacher spectator seating, as this is where the players will be social distancing (instead of the dugout). One parent per player is allowed to sit with their player in the bleachers to help with social distancing at the t-ball, coach pitch, 8 year old baseball, and 9 year old baseball divisions. 
    • The rest of the player’s friends and families are encouraged to space out at least ten feet apart down the right field and left field lines.
  4. Pre-Game

    • Social distancing is expected.
      • Teams should use batting cages that are the farthest apart.
      • Game start times will be staggered to reduce the number of teams warming up at one time.
      • Players should run, stretch, throw, etc. at least 10 feet apart.
      • Coaches should distribute baseballs to avoid a crowd of players at the ball bucket.
    • Players are encouraged to sanitize hands at the end of warm-up.
  5. Concessions (Opening on July 1) and Restrooms - 

    • No more than two workers in the concession stand.  
    • Concessions line spaced at 6 feet apart (cones or other markers will designate spacing).
    • Encourage limiting restroom use to one person at a time.
  6. Board Members / Cart

    • The cart will be provided when there are volunteers to man it.
    • No cart passengers (other than Board member’s family) are allowed unless absolutely necessary.
    • Board members who are not working in the concession stand are asked to not enter the concession stand.
    • On-duty Board member is responsible for enforcing player safety rules.
    • On-duty Board member is not responsible for social distancing by spectators.
  7. Scheduling

    • When possible fields will have staggered start times.
    • Games will have a hard stop at 2 hours.
    • Teams must vacate field within 10 minutes after conclusion of the game.
    • When possible there will be at least 30 minutes between games.
  8. Diagnosis and/or Household Exposure to COVID-19

    In the event that a player or adult volunteer ("TLL Participant") is diagnosed with COVID-19 or a member of the TLL Participant's household is diagnosed with COVID-19, the TLL Participant and any member of the TLL Participant's household shall not participate in any Tuckahoe Little League activities unless (i) 14 days have elapsed since the most recent positive COVID-19 test within the household; AND (ii) the TLL Participant presents to the league president a physician's note stating that the TLL Participant may participate in all Tuckahoe Little League activities and does not pose a health risk to others at Tuckahoe Little League.

** NOTE: This is just like the TLL policy for an injured player. A doctor’s note is required clearing the player for full participation before he/she is allowed to participate further at TLL. This policy does not require spectators and other family members who do not participate in TLL activities to provide a doctor’s note.

 Reporting COVID-19 Diagnosis and/or Exposure:  Any TLL Participant who is diagnosed with COVID-19 or who has a household member who is diagnosed with COVID-19 (or the parent or guardian of such TLL Participant, if a minor) is encouraged to report such diagnosis or exposure to their team manager as soon as possible.  The team manager shall report the diagnosis or exposure to the league commissioner whowill report to the league president.

For example, suppose there is a family of Mom, Brother, Sister, and Dad.  Mom coaches sister's softball team.  Brother plays baseball.  Dad does not volunteer.  Brother tests positive for COVID-19.  We would need a note for Mom, Sister, and Brother before they can return to TLL.  We would not need anything from Dad because he does not coach or volunteer at TLL.

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