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Local Rules - 4 Year Old Bubba Ball

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There will be one practice before the season starts, used to introduce the players to each other, the coaches and the rules of the gameThere will be no practices after the season starts.


  1. Each team will consist of a max of six players- four infielders and two outfielders.
  2. Games will be played on Saturdays, with the game length being one hour.
  3. Up to three games at a time will be played in the outfield grass of the Senior (or similar) Field
  4. The game is played with soft hit (foam) baseballs or pickle balls (whiffle balls) to help eliminate the fear of being hit or having to field a harder baseball.
  5. A super-sized plastic barreled bat will be used to help players experience immediate help hitting the ball.
  6. The baselines will be 40’ to better accommodate the players age and size. This also will help accommodate two or three Bubba Ball games in one large outfield
  7. A coach will manage the area behind home plate to keep the game safe and moving.
  8. A parent volunteer will manage the bench area to keep the kids out of play and ready to hit.
  9. All six players on each team will play defense and hit each inning.
  10. Every hitter and batter will wear an approved little league helmet with face mask
  11. No outs are recorded
  12. Each player will hit off a tee to put a ball into play.
  13. The batter will run the bases until he/she scores. A coach or parent volunteers will help direct the runner around the bases.
  14. We recommend games last until every player hits three times, or one hour.
  15. No score or records are kept
  16. Only the manager, roster coaches and approved volunteers are allowed to interact with the players during games


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