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2020 Team Parent Information

TLL Volunteer Coordinator: Michelle Wentz

TLL is a “community of volunteers”. As a non-profit organization, we depend on this volunteer concept in order to keep our operating costs low and registration fees reasonable. Your kids will not get the best possible experience without your help!

Below are some details that will provide all the information needed for your team to have a safe and fantastic season.

Volunteer Roles

All volunteers (team parent, scorekeeper, managers/coaches, extra practice helpers) are required to change your Sports Connect account information to reflect your Volunteer Role. Please make sure this is done ASAP. To do this log into your Sports Connect account, click “My Account” and then the “Volunteer” icon (person silhouette on left side of screen). From there you can select the team you are volunteering for, complete the application and make the change.


Every team will have a representative called a "Team Parent" who will assist the manager.  The Team Parent may communicate team and certain league information to players and their families. This information may include:

  • Details about TLL Family Fun & Picture Day (April 25th) - Details below
  • Concession Stand duties - Details below
  • Snack duties - Details below
  • Other league volunteer opportunities
  • Team building opportunities
  • End of year team party.

Email addresses may be obtained from your team “Roster” on by using the “Team Central” link at the top of the Home Page. (Team Central –> Team Directory –> Roster)

The Dicks Team Manager app is another source that that will have all of the parent’s email addresses available for you to begin discussion as soon as it is set up by your manager. To send communication your manager must add you as part of the Team Staff. If your team decides not to use the app, you may simply use email addresses.

Here are some great resources for league information, news and updates:

  • Download the Dicks Team Manager app. Available here for iOS, and here for Andriod(If your manager is using the Team Manager, it is an excellent tool that is easy to set up and get going.)
  • Visit the TLL website (
    • “2020 Season Important Dates” – red tab on right side of Home Page
    • “Local Rules” for each division – Baseball or Softball link at top of Home Page
    • “Team Central” link at top of Home Page for player team information
  • “Like” and follow TLL on Facebook
  •  Little League website
  •  Henrico County Field Hotline (updated weekdays at 3:00 pm) - 804-501-5132

Concession Stand Duty

TLL is a volunteer organization and we rely on volunteers to operate everything. The Concession Stand is an important convenience for participants, their families and guests, as well as an important source of revenue for the league. This revenue allows us to keep our operating costs low and registration fees reasonable. Accordingly, each team will be assigned and required to work AT LEAST one 4-hour shift at the Concession Stand during the season.

The Team Parent is responsible for assigning parents to fill your team’s assigned time slot.

  • We recommend you split your time slot into two, 2-hour shifts, with three to four volunteers assigned for each shift.  
  • If an assigned time is rained out, make-ups will not be re-assigned.
  • A Concession Manager will be onsite at all times.
  • The Concession Stand schedule will be posted inside the Concession Stand and on the TLL website.
  • To make sure everyone is informed, a reminder email will be sent to the Team Parent the week that his/her team is assigned to concession duty.

** General rules that must be followed in the Concession Stand: **

  • Children under the age of 16 are not allowed inside the Concession Stand.
  • All food consumed, must be paid for.

Post-Game Team Snacks

No food is allowed in the dugouts during games. However, once the game is over players may receive a “snack” after the game. This typically applies for the younger divisions. Each team should decide at the beginning of the season whether to provide snacks/drinks for each player as a post-game treat. Please check with parents for any food allergies and communicate this with the team. Generally, the family of the manager and two assistant coaches are not included in the schedule- they already do enough!

Membership to Tuckahoe Sports Inc

(TSI) The TSI training center is the big building at the back of the TLL park. We are two separate entities but have established a great relationship in order to work together on improving the skills of our players.

As a registered TLL player you will once again receive a FREE TSI membership to the TSI training center from March 1 through October 31. Your child is able to use the facilities for practice once you have registered online through the TSI DASH system.

Once registered you may call to request a batting cage, pitching mound or use the field if they are available. There is also a DASH app for your phone (get the iOS version here and the Andriod version here). TSI will be happy to help you with this if needed.

You must scan your Member card each time you enter the TSI building. We suggest you pull it up from your DASH account on your phone, take a photo of it and save the photo for quick access. You can also print the Member card and scan that.

TLL members will receive $50 off most of the TSI training sessions! Feel free to take advantage of the clinics and camps they offer.

TSI Phone Number- 804-360-3395

Weather Information

The fields are TLL are owned and operated by Henrico County. County representatives will be onsite to determine if the fields are playable during inclement weather. The county will update their County Field Hotline Monday through Friday at 3:00 pm, and weekends at 7:00 am. You can call this number to hear the field status: 804-501-5132

If the weather changes after the messages have been posted, the decision will be made at the field. The league will then attempt to relay the message as quickly as possible.

In many cases we will make an effort to reschedule games that are rained out. Team managers will receive more information about this process.

Free Pizza Party!

Every manager is responsible for finding a team banner sponsor. The monies raised from the banner sponsors are used to offset uniform and equipment costs. This allows TLL to keep registration costs reasonable. Most managers will ask their team for help with finding a sponsor. The sponsor banner will be hung on the field your team play games on. Teams are encouraged to find more than one sponsor. The team in each division that finds the most sponsors will be provided a free pizza party at the end of the season!

Park Safety

Please remember that the ENTIRE TLL park is a children’s play area: children have the right of way in all locations.

Reminders for parents:

  • Drive through the TLL roads SLOWLY, even when running late for a game.
  • Always be mindful around all vehicles as they may pull in/out of parking spaces at any time.
  • Do NOT drop children off at the Concession area on the main road! (This creates a dangerous situation for the kids being dropped off and for anyone crossing the road.)

**Report any suspicious activity immediately!**

First Aid:

There should always be a first aid kit at each practice and game located in the field boxes. Please check with your Manager at the start of each practice/game to make sure the supplies have not been depleted. If so, please let us know so we can restock the kits.


Prepared bags of ice are available at the Concession Stand. The snack family is encouraged to bring extra ice for immediate access if needed during a game. For off-site practices, please discuss the responsibility of safety/first aid with your Manager.

***All injuries during games AND practices must be reported to TLL personnel.***

A Little League Accident Notification Form must be completed. They can be found with the first aid kit in the field box, at the Concession Stand, with the Manager or on our website (red tabs on right of Home Page).

During games TLL personnel will be located at either the Concession Stand or on the Courtesy Cart around the fields. The cart is manned by volunteers and may not be in operation every day.  When manned the phone number is (804) 8TLLCAR, or 804-885-5227.

Field Protocol

Here are some common safety rules the league tries to follow to keep players safe.

  • No on-deck batters are allowed (other than Seniors division).
  • No swinging the bats outside of the cages.
  • No throwing/warming up near spectators.
  • No other children near/in the dugout other than players.


As a county park, Tuckahoe Park is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises.

Thunder/Lightning Policy

  • If you see lightning strikes in the area, alert your manager/coach/umpire of the situation and get kids to safety. Do not wait for someone to come around to your field and tell you to clear it. Make sure all children are accounted for by an adult.
  • As a general rule, when thunder is heard, players/coaches are to remain in the dugout for FIVE minutes. If you hear it, fear it!
  • When lightning is seen, players/coaches must move to their vehicles for THIRTY minutes. This means IN vehicles - not just in the parking lot or at the Concession Stand. If you see it, flee it!
  • The County will make the call on when the teams can return to the fields.
  • If you are waiting out a lightning delay in your car, please wait for word from a County or TLL representative before leaving the fields, as games may resume once the storm passes.

Player Equipment

The “necessary” equipment needed to play varies from division to division. Specifics can be found at the top of our Home Page under the “Baseball” or “Softball” link. Generally, a glove is necessary. Many families prefer their child not share a helmet. TLL will provide helmets when needed if possible. Most players prefer their own bat, though bats may be shared by players, and TLL can provide them when needed if possible. Cleats are generally not necessary for the Bubba Ball divisions, but often preferred by the players in the older divisions. For the younger divisions, any cleat can be worn (used for more than one sport). Uniforms are included in your registration fee.

** Each player is responsible for his/her own water bottle at practice.**

Remember to LABEL EVERYTHING! Sharpies will write on all equipment.

Important Dates

All important TLL dates may be found on the red “2020 Season Important Dates”, located on the right side of the TLL Home Page.

TLL Appreciation Day

TLL Appreciation Day at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Short Pump will be on March 21. All TLL families will receive 20% off your entire store purchase (not limited to baseball/softball).

TLL Family Fun & Picture Day - Saturday, April 25.

This is a great day to have fun and support TLL. Parents will be asked to work the games or the Concession Stand on Carnival Day. There will be bounce houses, obstacle courses, games, food and more for the kids! Please plan on spending some time at the park before or after your game on this day.

Team Pictures

Individual and team pictures will be taken on Family Fun Day this year and your team will be assigned a specific picture time set by TLL (not by the teams). More information will be provided on this day at a later date. The team sponsor is given a picture as a thank you for its support. We appreciate your team’s efforts to have all members present on picture day. It is a good idea to pick a meeting place to gather as a team about 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

General Information

  • Teams should clean up after themselves at games and practices both on and off he field of play. Trash cans are located near each field. Please help your coaches clean up after your children.
  • Please contact the Concession Manager if you have a handicapped or elderly person who could use assistance getting to/from the fields. TLL personnel will try to assist with the Courtesy Cart when it is operating. When operating, the Courtesy Cart phone number is (804) 8TLLCAR, or 804-885-5227.
  • Handicap parking spaces are located in front of the board room and concessions.
  • Lost and Found is located at the Concession Stand.
  • The Picnic Pavilion may be reserved by signing up at the Concession Stand.
  • Tuckahoe Park is a non-smoking facility.
  • No glass containers at TLL.
  • No alcoholic beverages at TLL.
  • If you experience or observe any behavior or activity that is not safe or conducive to the good sportsmanship expected of TLL players, volunteers and families, please let us know. You may contact the appropriate division commissioner or the President by utilizing the “TLL Board of Directors” link. This can be found at the top of the TLL Home Page, under the “About TLL” link.

Local Sponsors

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